Swiss company, pioneer of portioned coffee since 1986 and the standard of high-quality coffee. 100% natural ground coffee of rare varieties from different parts of the world carefully preserves in the capsule the freshness of roasting, the taste and aroma of coffee.
Nespresso represents the professional line of Nespresso Professional – coffee solutions for business, thought out to the smallest detail and guaranteeing consistent high quality coffee in restaurants, hotels, in offices and a unique experience of tasting fine coffee for guests.

For more than 10 years, ATBE has been supplying audio, video, projection, interactive and smart equipment, as well as systems: video surveillance, access control and fire safety. Starting in 2018, it has been supplying exclusive XOUNTS mobile design audio systems designed to enhance the brand, memorability and attractiveness of customers.

SiGNUMPrint has been providing hotels with printing products for more than 20 years. The company provides services from the idea to implementation. Offset, digital and large format printing allow us to be a reliable supplier with a wide range of services that will cover all the needs for printing products for your hotel.

The largest manufacturer of autonomous humanoid robots in Northern and Eastern Europe. As of December 2018, several hundred Promobot robots are working in 26 countries as administrators, promoters, hostesses, museum guides, banks, mobile phone departments, museums and other organizations. They are able to increase the financial performance of companies, quality of service and customer loyalty.

Mobile Charger is the only company in Russia producing universal chargers designed to recharge customers’ gadgets as a service of hotels,hostels and resorts. Innovative devices have various modifications and functionality, are branded according to the corporate identity of the company and are an excellent solution for attracting customers and satisfying their needs.

HD LED TECH company is a dynamically developing company with 9 years of expertise in the LED technology market.

Nowadays it is a leading manufacturer and exclusive dealer of leading Chinese factories for the production of media facades and video screens in the Russian Federation.

Registration of participants in business events from A to Z. A young and ambitious team with vast experience in conducting online and offline registration, access control and ticket sales.

Trained and qualified staff. High customer focus. The team efficiently and quickly solves tasks of any complexity related to business events.

Platform COMPOT (Communication Spot) – a service for creating mobile event apps, tutorials, and various communities.

Ready online designer components allow anyone to digitize their event, training program, create a platform for communication

Decor Studio Svetlana Koptseva professionally produces growth flowers from foamiran (Isolon) and decor of any complexity. The artists of the studio will create for you an individual project that takes into account your requirements and wishes, and the masters will recreate it in full accuracy with a sketch.
For more than 4 years, the studios have been working on studios and holidays in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Spain, Italy, the USA, Kazakhstan, etc.

KIEHL is a leading European manufacturer of professional detergents for all areas, with over 110 years of history.
A full range of detergents, care and protection textiles.

A full-cycle creative video production studio creates stories you want to believe in. An experienced team of specialists generates projects, fully covering every stage of production. So each work acquires an original and individual style, distinguishable from most conveyor products.

The leader in interior design and integrated equipment for hospitality industry objects, successfully exists in the market for more than 20 years and has established itself as a team of highly qualified specialists combining designers, architects of Future Hotel Design, managers, technologists and designers.
ART mebel hotel is a great brand of creativity and technical skill for smart and discerning customers

Evian is the world leader in premium mineral water, known for its fashion collaborations with renowned designers.

The brand’s motto is “Live Young”. Spilled directly at the source and protected from external influences, Evian natural mineral water comes to you the way nature created it.

Radisson Blu® is a hotel brand of the upper upscale category. The signature hospitality of the Radisson Blu hotels is characterized by the attention to detail and the unique “Yes I can!” service philosophy.

The market leader in alcohol products in the North-West region and in Russia as a whole. The products of the company “Ladoga” won more than 60 gold medals at various international competitions.
The company’s concept is “the most interesting drinks from all over the world”.

The company has created a professional outsourcing and cleaning base in Russia. The only Russian company that provides line personnel in several market sectors.

Create a great mood with food! They provide paper textiles, napkins, tablecloths, candles, as well as turnkey solutions for packaging and delivery of food. The leader in the European market since 1949 (Sweden).

The Russkiy Kholod group of companies is a producer and distributor of ice cream, semi-finished products and deep-frozen products. Winner of the Grand Prix, gold and silver medals. Dolce Latte brand ice cream is a combination of exclusive Italian recipes, technologies and environmentally friendly natural raw materials.

The world leader in the press and digital technologies market, the largest collection of publications in the world in 60 languages from 120 countries.

Educational services in the field of hotel management, consulting and innovation. The leader of the global market.


Communication with the target audience, possibilities for obtaining new professional contacts.
Brand corner / advertising module for the presentation and promotion of the company
Participation in a VIP meeting with speakers and premium audience
Face-to-face talk with potential customers.

Opportunity for high-level positioning among potential consumers.
Providing partner status for further use in marketing brand campaign
Branding conference site.

New format for interacting with the audience.
Promotion of the partner as a co-organizer of the program, integration of the partner into the program (video content broadcast on the main screen of the main hall, self-presentation of the partner brand / performance within the conference program).
Increasing brand awareness not only among the conference participants.

Partner publications in the official networks of the conference group
Mentioning a partner in press releases and informational publications
Publications about the partner (article / interview / advertising module) in print media and Internet sites of conference media partners.

Contribution to the development of the ideology of hospitality.

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The following media are invited to cooperate within the Conference: different printed media, business editions, specialized editions in the Russian hospitality market, online media, PR-agencies, blogs and lifestyle press and TV.

Hospitable Business Conference is initiated and supported by the annual and well-known event Russian Hospitality Awards RUSSIAN HOSPITALITY AWARDS


Provides residents and guests of the city taxi with world-class service.

The premium hotel is equally suitable for business and leisure travelers. Efficient work and a pleasant stay are perfectly combined here!

Taking pictures of the interiors of hotels, restaurants, real estate and architecture. Andrey’s mission is to find and implement the best photo solutions for your business.

Creative video production that creates beautiful and professional image, advertising and music videos.

Leading operator of technical equipment for events with 20 years of experience, an individual approach to the client and English-speaking staff.

Develop and integrate video systems, as well as professionally conduct an online broadcast of your event.

Family restaurant of Armenian cuisine. This is a heat of coals in the grill, a flame of spices, a house where the owners are always happy to welcome guests.

We have created more than 120 advertising, salling and other videos for various business fields.

Bringing guest registration to perfection. Here you will order badges, ribbons, printers, staff, online registration and even a website right away.

A mobile app for events – full communication, involvement, new business contacts.

They will translate documents and events for you. They work with all major European languages, rare languages of Asia and almost all countries of the world.

The annual award and awarding ceremony of the best hotels in Russia.

A company that will support your love of chocolate. Choose with and without.

TrustYou helps you track opinions, reviews and comments about your hotel from millions of posts on the network and respond to them right away on one screen.
Big Tree give you the opportunity to control the entire process of the hotel and maintain the best level of service and high sales.

An alcohol company with its own production, a regular winner of international and Russian exhibitions and tasting competitions.

Development, production and supply of printing products for hospitality industry enterprises throughout Russia.

Handy certified charging stations for any business. Import and domestic production.

They offer the world unique, aesthetic and useful products that save space and time in everyday life.

The Tishinka Tea Room will be happy to introduce you to best ways to hospitably welcome your guests.

Incredibly real silicone and latex flowers and plants.

Spreading knowledge and strive to help readers make their lives more complete and interesting.